Resume Of Recent Church Master Plans

The following is a listing in alphabetical order of some recent church master plans completed by this firm. Many of these buildings are historic; date of construction, where known, is listed.

ASBURY FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH CAMPUS, Rochester, NY. Built c. 1890-1953; in National Register district and locally designated preservation district. Condition report and master plan (1987). Association over fourteen years and continuing with work including maintenance and repairs to masonry, roofing, landscaping, interiors, mechanical systems, and roofing replacements. Recently updated their master plan. Now beginning planning for implementation Contact: E. Wayne Turnblom, Building Committee Chair, (585) 722-0047.

CHURCH OF THE EPIPHANY, Gates, NY. Chancel renovations, master planning (1999). Contact: Robert Sudlow, Warden, (585) 247-4190.

FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, Albion, NY. Built c. 1845 and 1874. In National Register district and locally designated preservation district. Report of site visit (1996); roof replacement (1998), spire masonry repairs (1999). Recently (Jan, 2003) completed a master plan. Contact: Rev. Gary Saunders, Pastor. (585) 589-7220

FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, Corning, NY. Built 1867, 1966. Renovations to undercroft and construction of stair tower and elevator (2000). Contact Dr. Robert P. Boell, Pastor, (610) 544-3789..

ST. PAUL’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH, Rochester, NY. Built 1897; in National Register district and in locally designated preservation district. Report of Site Visit and building repairs (1997). Roof repairs (1998) master plan (1999) and renovations (1999). Recently (October, 2002) completed study of implementation of Phase II of the master plan. Contact: Bob Frank, chair, building committee, (585) 383-7490.

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