Resume of Presbyterian Building Projects

The following is an alphabetical listing of Presbyterian building projects completed by this firm since 1990.  Many of these buildings are historic; date of construction (where known) is listed.  This résumé is current as of  December, 2005.

Barre Center Presbyterian Church, Albion, NY.  Master plan (2000), Accessible building addition design (2003).  Contact: Don Joselyn, Chairman, Special Building Commission, (585) 589-9624.

Central Presbyterian Church, Avon, NY.  Handicapped accessibility study and tower inspection (1990-1991).  Contact:  Art Hernandez, Chairman, Building Committee, (585) 226-2626 (church office).

First Presbyterian Church of Avon, Avon, NY.  Built 1812 to 1815, additions in 1935 and 1938.  Site visit and worklist, 2004; currently producing working drawings and specifications for repair of structure in the undercroft.  Contact:  Ron Russell, (585) 226-3839.

First Presbyterian Church, Albion, NY. Built 1845 and 1874.  Report of site visit (1996); roof replacement (1998), spire masonry repairs (2000), master plan (2003).  Contact: Reverend Gary Saunders (585) 589-7220.

First Presbyterian Church, Corning, NY.  Built 1867 and 1966. Renovations to undercroft and construction of stair tower and elevator (2000).  Contact Dr.  Robert P.  Boell, Pastor, (610) 544-3789..

First Presbyterian Church, Honeoye Falls, NY.  Built 1845.  Contributing building to Honeoye Falls National Register District.  Interior renovations to worship space (2001).  Contact Bill Hartman, (585) 624-7340.

First Presbyterian Church, Pittsford, NY.  Built 1868.  Contributing building to Village of Pittsford National Register District.  Report of Tower Inspection (2000).  Spire repairs (2001).  EPF exterior repairs and restoration (spring/summer 2004).  Master plan and restoration after an August, 2004 fire.  Contact Bill Smith (585) 327-3110.

Lima Presbyterian Church, Lima, NY.  Built 1874; in National Register district.  Condition Report (1988); EPF funded exterior restoration (1998-2000).  Contact: Fran Gotcsik, (585) 624-2484.

Mendon Presbyterian Church, Mendon, NY.  Built 1898, wing added 1954.  Initial site visit and general comments (1998), condition report (2002), spire inspection and report (2003).  Contact Dick Olney, (585) 425-4488.

New Life Presbyterian Church, Rochester, NY.  Built 1901/1924.  Report of Site Visit (1994).  Contact:  John Thomas, (585) 428-6942.

North Presbyterian Church, Elmira, NY.  Built 1889.  Report of Site Visit (1995), major renovation (1998).  Contact:  David Dalrymple (607) 734-2977.

Ogden Presbyterian Church, Spencerport, NY.  Built ca. 1830-50.  Report of Site Visit (1995).  Contact:  Joe Knight, (585) 272-4323.

Third Presbyterian Church,  Rochester, NY.  Built 1893.  Design & Contract Administration for Site Identification (2003).  Masonry survey spring, 2005.  Contact: Richard Shellman, (585) 235-7670.

Trinity Emmanuel Presbyterian Church, Rochester, NY.  Condition Report (2002).  Contact: Rochelle McDaniel, Clerk of Session, (585) 436-4809.

Western Presbyterian Church, Palmyra, NY.  Built ca. 1845.  Inspection and Tower repairs (2000).  Contact: Fred Alderman, (315) 597-1263.

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