Resume of Accessibility Projects

The following is a partial listing of accessibility improvements designed by this firm. Many of the buildings are historic; date of construction (where known) is listed.

CHRIST CHURCH, Rochester, NY. This mid 19th century church had been modified by adjusting the grade to accommodate wheelchair access. The result was damage to the interior of the building. Bero Architecture P.C. designed modifications to help preserve the building fabric. This project became the subject of a paper, Hidden Interior Damage Caused by Exterior Ramps, presented at the 1993 APT conference in Ottawa.

GEORGE EASTMAN HOUSE, Rochester, NY. Accessibility improvements to this c.1905 mansion included both a ramp to permit interior movement and also modifications to permit access to the east garden from the house.

GRANGER HOMESTEAD, Canandaigua, NY. An accessibility study was competed for this mid 19th century house museum. A lift was added inside an enclosed rear porch which gives access to museum areas in the basement and first floor. An accessible toilet room was added in the basement. Contact Saralinda Hooker, Director, (585) 394-1472.

HOYT-POTTER HOUSE, Rochester, NY. When the Landmark Society restored this c. 1840 Greek Revival building to be their headquarters, they wished to add wheelchair access and accessible toilet rooms to the first two floors. Contact Henry McCartney, Executive Director, Landmark Society of Western New York, (585) 546-7029.

LEROY HOUSE, LeRoy, NY. A late 19th century school building is to be converted for use as an adjunct to the house museum. Bero Architecture P.C. designed accessibility modifications in 1997. The first phase has been completed and the remainder of the work is planned for the near future. Contact Lynn Belluscio, Director, (585) 768-7433.

OLD STONE WAREHOUSE, Rochester, NY. Built c. 1824 on speculation prior to construction of the Erie Canal, this building was converted to an office building in 1984. Exterior access was provided by a ramp which used salvaged pieces from the warehouse to evoke the canal era. Interior access was provided by an elevator. Contact Ben Kendig, owner, (585) 262-3113.

PRESERVATION LEAGUE OF NEW YORK STATE, Albany, NY. In 1993, John Bero spoke at workshops given in Rochester, NY and Tarrytown, NY for arts organizations and other not-for-profits groups. The workshops, entitled Accessibility and Historic Preservation, were sponsored by the Preservation League of New York State. Contact Sheryl Adler, (518) 462-5658.

RTS SURVEY REPORT, Rochester NY. ADA survey of an office building for the Regional Transit Service, 1996. Contact David Cook, (585) 654-0200.

ROCHESTER ASSOCIATION OF PERFORMING ARTS (RAPA), Rochester, NY. At the request of NYSCA, Bero Architecture P.C. prepared a design study and working drawings for a wheelchair lift and accessible toilets. Contact Judy Andriano, (585) 325-3366.

SUSAN B. ANTHONY VISITORS’ CENTER, Rochester, NY. Work includes accessibility improvements to the adjacent late 19th century house and provisions for future wheelchair access to Miss Anthony’s house.

STONE-TOLAN HOUSE, Rochester, NY. By fairly subtle adjustments of the grade, wheelchair access was provided to this c.1792 house museum which is operated by the Landmark Society of Western New York. Contact Henry McCartney, Executive Director, Landmark Society of Western New York, (585) 546-7029.

VILLAGE HALL, Pittsford, NY. Two phase design/construction project to provide handicap accessibility to the first floor of the late 19th century Village Hall. The work includes a handicap walk and side entrance, as well as accessible interior improvements including a public toilet room. Contact Anne Hartsig, Village Clerk, (585) 586-4332.

Many late 19th century, early 20th century multi-level churches including:

FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF FAIRPORT, Fairport NY. Architectural services included an accessibility study followed by contract documents for a new entry and elevator. Contact Dale Haling (585) 422-0459.

FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, Corning, NY. Design of stairway and elevator addition which improves interior circulation as well as providing accessibility. Accessible toilet rooms were also designed. Contact Reverend Robert Boell, (607) 544-3789, or First Presbyterian Church, (607) 937-5419.

LAKESIDE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, Rochester, NY. Handicapped accessibility study, 1989. Contact Donald W. Palmateer, (585) 663-0644.

ST. PETER’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH, Bloomfield, NY. Design of accessibility improvements, principally changes to the exterior grading, to permit wheelchair access, 1994. Contact Barbara Drake, (585) 657-6262.

ST. PAUL’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH, Rochester, NY. Built 1898. Major repairs to the exterior envelope included a design study for an exterior accessible ramp, 1996. Contact Will Erdle (585) 247-4700.

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