"Some Thoughts On..." Articles

As architects, part of our responsibility is to guide clients who are making many decisions.  They hire us to acquaint them with subjects, processes, and regulations they themselves may not be familiar with.  We work our hardest to make a complicated journey simple and clear.  Toward that end, we've written a series of very brief articles  called "Thoughts On..." that aim to make the task of design, building, maintenance and preservation more understandable.

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Some Thoughts On Choosing Exterior Paint

This is probably not the final paint job this building will have; the next owner may prefer a different color. So relax and have fun choosing your paint.


Some Thoughts On Facade Inspections

The information provided is general in nature and should not be relied upon as fact. it is provided as an example of the standard of care and procedures recommended by Bero Architecture for a facade certification. Persons requiring specific information on the New York City Facade Ordinances should contact the new York City Department of Buildings.


Some Thoughts On Ultraviolet and Visible Light Protection For Historic Windows

Sunlight has deteriorating effects. Fading of textiles, finishes, and interiors is caused by UV rays, visible light, and heat. The products discussed come in varying degrees of visible and ultraviolet light transmittance.


Some Thoughts On Masonry Sealers

Masonry sealers are often advertised as the final solution to water infiltration problems. If a sealing product does not perform as advertised, damage to a masonry wall can be extensive.


Some Thoughts On Museum Environments In Existing Buildings

There is a conflict between the need to preserve existing buildings and the need to preserve collections: conditions which are ideal for a collection are not always ideal for a building. Thas led to the adoption of the New Orleans Charter, which discusses environmental factors like relative humidity, ambient temperature, light, ventilation, and air quality.


Some Thoughts On Stormwater Management

Rainwater management is an important part of a building’s protective umbrella. Proper management extends the life of the foundation, discourages wood boring insects and rot, and creates a healthy environment for both people and building materials.


Some Thoughts On Re-Glazing and Adjustment of Wood Windows

An outline of methods and materials to be used to maintain your wood windows.


Some Thoughts On Modern Re-Roofing

Historic materials for roofing include wood, slate, and metal. The following comments do not deal with historic materials but only with modern asphalt shingles.


Some Thoughts On National Register Nominations and Statements of Significance

This article also discusses statements of significance


Some Thoughts On New York Building Codes

New York State has adopted a family of codes which regulate the operation and construction of buildings.