"Some Thoughts On..." Articles

As architects, part of our responsibility is to guide clients who are making many decisions.  They hire us to acquaint them with subjects, processes, and regulations they themselves may not be familiar with.  We work our hardest to make a complicated journey simple and clear.  Toward that end, we've written a series of very brief articles  called "Thoughts On..." that aim to make the task of design, building, maintenance and preservation more understandable.

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Some Thoughts on Maintenance of Historic Buildings

Buildings deteriorate for a number of reasons. Chief among them are weather, which attacks the exterior envelope, and dampness, particularly damaging to the interior.


Some Thoughts on Asbestos in Buildings

Bero Architecture PLLC has no expertise in identification, treatment, repair, or removal of asbestos-containing materials but offers the following guidance for those who, like us, must depend on experts for assistance with remediation.


Some Thoughts On Hiring An Architect

We think it is a good idea to interview several architects (at least two; three is better) before hiring one. Ask for references. Discuss scope of services, fees, schedule, organization, and philosophy…


Some Thoughts On Choosing A Contractor

We are often asked how to find and select a contractor to repair, restore, remodel, and/or build additions or homes. We are glad to hand out lists from our contractors file with certain precautions…


Some Thoughts On Preservation And Sustainability

Evidence that our present culture is not sustainable is pervasive. Scarcity, extinctions, climate change, extreme and rapid price fluctuations, all are symptomatic of attitudes and practices which must change in order to enable future generations to thrive. Bero Architecture joins in the effort to preserve our culture by conserving our natural environment.


Some Thoughts On Preservation Funding

Funding for preservation work is available from several sources and for many different kinds of work. This document presents a list of organizations and funding programs, gives contact information and application deadlines. We try to keep these as current as possible, but you should contact the appropriate people to verify deadlines and grant amounts.


Some Thoughts On Official Recognition of Landmarks and Historic Districts

The National Register of Historic Places is the list of the nation’s properties officially designated as worthy of preservation, including archaeological or historical sites, districts, buildings, and objects.


Some Thoughts On Church Accessibility

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal law and, while existing facilities owned by religious organizations are exempt, many congregations want to comply with the law. The following is a list of the priorities of the ADA along with some examples of accessibility.


Some Thoughts On Energy Conservation

When it comes to saving energy, careful operation seems to trump the type of windows, type of insulation, type of heating, and all other aspects of old houses. We conducted a study of eight houses ranging in age from 120 to 30 years old, after the very severe winter of 2002-2003. There was no relationship between the age of the house and cost of energy.


Some Thoughts On Replacing Historic Wood Windows

I’ve got leaky one hundred-year old windows, what are the best replacements? The short answer is that replacement windows are not generally a good option for most owners of old buildings.