"Some Thoughts On..." Articles

As architects, part of our responsibility is to guide clients who are making many decisions.  They hire us to acquaint them with subjects, processes, and regulations they themselves may not be familiar with.  We work our hardest to make a complicated journey simple and clear.  Toward that end, we've written a series of very brief articles  called "Thoughts On..." that aim to make the task of design, building, maintenance and preservation more understandable.

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Some Thoughts On Building Surveys

Owners want to know how to take care of their buildings. We are often asked to survey buildings and make recommendations regarding maintenance and repair. There are many different levels of studies available, depending on the need of the building, the needs of the owners, and the funds available.


Some Thoughts On Historic Resource Surveys

A historic resource survey is an important first step in preservation planning. Surveys identify and document historically and/or architecturally significant…


Some Thoughts on Rehabilitation Tax Credits

Since 1977, federal tax credits for the rehabilitation of historic buildings have facilitated over 34,000 projects, leveraging over $50 billion…


Some Thoughts On Administering Government and Grant Funds

Initial PlanningIn order to obtain government funding or grants from private agencies it is usually necessary todo initial planning in…


Some Thoughts On Construction Quality

Quality OptionsBuilding construction varies in quality. The following list is arranged from modest conventionalquality to the highest quality: residential, commercial,…


Some Thoughts on Ventilation of Unoccupied Spaces

General Unoccupied spaces such as attics, basements, and crawl spaces must be ventilated to remove moisture and water vapor that…


Some Thoughts On The Rochester Preservation Board

Much of the work that we do encompasses preservation and use of historic buildings here in Rochester, NY. That requires us to be well acquainted with the local preservation board, their requirements, and typical expectations. This article shares about the process you may be required to participate in if your project must be reviewed by this body. It discusses who makes up the board, the purpose and methods of historic review boards, and recommendations we have when appearing before them.


Some Thoughts About Preservation Planning Services

Bero Architecture offers a full range of Preservation Planning services including building conservation, historic resource evaluation for environmental impact statements, SHPO project review, National/State Register submissions, historic resource surveys, and HABS/HAER documentation.


Some Thoughts on Accessibility

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal law giving individuals with disabilities civil rights protections against discrimination. It requires places of public accommodation, including government buildings, business locations, and service providers, to serve the disabled.


Some Thoughts on Home Energy Conservation

When it comes to saving heating energy, careful operation seems to trump the type of windows, type of insulation, type of heating, and all other aspects of old houses. A study we did of eight houses ranging in age from 120 to 30 years old, after the very severe winter of 2002-2003, was instructive because for houses built before the 1980s we found no relationship between age of the house and consumption of heating energy.