The National Trust for Historic Preservation

The National Trust for Historic Preservation is a nonprofit organization that provides resources and advocacy to save historic places and revitalize communities. Their  website includes a wealth of information on national preservation issues such as tear-downs  chain drugstores, and historic schools.  Some of our favorites issues discussed are:

Weatherization Guide For Older & Historic Buildings

Provides information about making historic buildings more energy efficient without jeopardizing character, and advice on ways to sensitively improve the performance of windows, mechanical systems, insulation, and roofing.

Lead Safety Guide

Describes ways we can preserve architectural features while making historic building lead safe.  without tearing out contributing features like wood windows,  fancy woodwork, or original siding.  It also addresses the EPA’s  renovation, repair, and painting rule for old buildings.

Saving Wood Windows

How can a shiny new vinyl replacement window not be better than an ugly and hard to open wood window?  People make their decision to replace old windows based on looks, the experience of their friends, and what their vinyl window sales person tells them.  The National Trust has published page to push more evidence-based information about the  sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and maintenance-techniques to keep old windows out of landfills and contributing to the architectural quality of their buildings.  There are also options to  tell Congress that you support energy efficiency incentives, and to tell your friends you believe wood windows are better than vinyl.  The Learn More page seems like a good place to start understanding the real differences between wood and vinyl windows.  When you’re done with that, check out these articles we have about similar topics: