George Eastman Museum

This meticulous restoration project was a result of team effort involving the House and Garden Restoration Committees, Bero Architecture as the restoration architect, a historic interiors specialist, skilled craftsmen, landscape architects, and construction manager/general contractor.

The required program provided an authentic, museum-quality restoration, while accommodating systems for fire safety, physical safety, museum-level security, and universal accessibility. The first floor principal rooms, exterior finishes, roof balustrades, garden arbor, and garden trellis were restored to their appearance during George Eastman’s occupancy (1905-1932).


The exacting study of enlargements of historic photographs provided the architect with detailed visual documentation of the mansion’s original appearance. Moldings, decorative plaster work, bookcases, wainscoting, casework, planters, railings, and other architectural details were duplicated thanks to these photographs. Fire alarms, smoke detectors, motion sensors, railings and wheelchair access were designed to be as discreet as possible.

Exterior work included investigation to determine the original colors, leading to the present four color paint scheme, and restoration of the gambrel railing.

Additional work has been completed since the principal restoration including the restoration of the trellis in the East Terrace Gardens, the reconstruction of the grape arbor, a condition report, and most recently, reroofing and reconstruction of the port-cochere and conservatory roof.