Clifton Springs Library

A small library (total area 5,000 square feet) was designed for the Village of Clifton Springs, NY incorporating a late nineteenth century passenger train station on a narrow site. The solution adaptively reuses the passenger station (1,520 SF) for stacks and a local history room. To meet the program needs, an east and west addition were provided, each visually separated from the passenger station by transparent circulation elements.


The additions are single-story, rectilinear buildings that contain design elements suggested by the passenger station, such as a hip roof with decorative heavy timber beams, matching window proportions, entrance arches, and a lower brick band. These were incorporated so that the building pieces would blend with each other.┬áThe east addition (2,850 SF) contains the circulation area, reading lounge, children’s room, office, work room, and a mezzanine for extra stacks. The west addition (1,150 SF) is used as a multi-purpose room, housing library and other Village functions.

This adaptive reuse project won the Landmark Society of Western New York’s Award of Merit in 1991.