Charlotte – Genesee Lighthouse Pops Its Top

The Charlotte – Genesee Lighthouse Historical Society, one of our oldest and most unique clients, has been on a marathon of restoration and repair projects in the past few years at the Keeper’s House and 1822 Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse. Two summers ago, we assisted the CGLHS with the burying of utility lines, and reconstruction of the shutters, storm windows, and screens for the primary (south) facade of the Keeper’s House. Last summer the medina stone steps and front door with transoms were restored and reconstructed respectively further restoring character defining features of the exterior of the Keeper’s House.

This year Bero Architecture is assisting the CGLHS with the truly exciting project of directing repairs and restoration efforts to the lantern room its cast iron platform, and masonry base at the top of the Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse. As part of the restoration an exacting reproduction of the original Fourth Order Freznel lens will be installed in the lantern room following the repair and partial reconstruction of the lantern room. In order to complete the repairs to the masonry base beneath the cast iron platform upon which the lamp room sits and to install the reproduction Freznel lens, the lantern room and cast iron platform had to be temporarily removed via crane. It certainly is a rare opportunity to capture the lighthouse in such a physical state, and so we made sure to stop by and document the process.

We look forward to the conclusion of the work when the lantern of the lighthouse will be restored to much as it appeared before its removal in 1884.